Welcome to the Geometry Dash 2.2 Unlocked main dashboard page. This server has:
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  • Logs
  • Info
  • And more



Update 2.2.1
  • Making gd world stable
  • Adding object bypass
  • Adding a secret
  • Fixing the vaults
  • Adding the moderation buttons
  • Fixing currency gain
  • Fixing level progress bugs
  • Adding a remade FAQ option in the game
  • Upgrading the site interface (dashboard) and making it the main page
  • Fixing the account button
To Do
  • Making an improved reupload tool with stealing security  90% 
  • Adding multiplayer mode  20% 
  • Fixing bugs  50% 
  • Improving assets quality  40% 
  • Improving the install guide  90% 
  • Adding utility hacks  20% 
  • Finishing the readme page  90% 
  • Fixing unlisted levels in the uploaded levels tab  0% 


Q: What emulator to use and how to not make it lag?
A: Use bluestacks. To reduce lag go to the settings and go to the engine settings. Set the cores to the max and set the max ram to 2/3 of the max bluestacks allows you to give.

Q: Can I have mod?
A: No.

Q: Where,s the profile button?
A: In subzero the profile button code was removed so it will be added in update 2.2.1

Q: Why is the editor [insert problem]?
A: The Editor of subzero is so broken since it wasn,t meant to be used that I won,t even try to fix it anymore.

Q: Why won,t the apk install?
A: Make sure to allow installation of an unknown source and make sure to remove the original subzero.

Q: Will this also be for pc?
A: No since we would need the source code for that.

Q: Why can,t I login?
A: We are a private server meaning that you can,t login on your original account so you need to make a new one.

Q: Where is the verification mail?
A: Just skip that step and go to login.