Step 1: Goto the download page. This will automatically download the apk.

Step 2: Open the apk file after installation and press install.

Step 3: After this the app should be ready to open.


1. App not installed
Possible causes:
  • Not enough storage.
    Make sure to have 500Mb space minimal and make sure it's not reserved space.

  • Having the default subzero installed.
    Remove the original subzero before installing this version.

  • Having still old data on the device
    Install the default subzero, clear it's data, delete the default subzero and then install the new version.
2. Virus detected
The reason this happens is because this app is from an unknown source (which means that it's not an app in the play store) and the fact that it asks perms like ip adrass (this is only to check if you are not a banned account) and such makes google think that it's a virus but it's not. If you still aren't convincded then just join the discord server. There are over 1k people there who all can tell it's not a virus.

3. No PC version
We don't have access to the source code so we can't make an exe version of subzero.


We recommend using Bluestacks (3 is the best option) because other emulators got a big sound delay.

Best performance settings (engine settings)
Graphics mode: OpenGL
CPU cores: The max you can give
Ram: 2/3 of the max bluestacks allows you to give